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Yukon: Wild Beauty

The Yukon is a unique place, which capture the heart and the imagination of travelers around the world. Yes, Yukon is one of the less tourist destination in Canada. But this is an adventure not to be missed if you want to immortalize a stay off the beaten track in this country!

The passage through Yukon’s wild landscapes makes you feel like you’re alone in the world, this adventurous Canadian city offers its tourists a host of activities to do.

Once arrived, do not hesitate to visit all these unavoidable places:

  • Along the Pelly River: The Pelly River Ranch is an ancient oasis that dates to 1905 and is an ode to ancient times
  • Yukon is an impeccable destination for outdoor enthusiasts, streams that run for miles and countless hiking trails
  • Dogsledding Dog Sledding: Beautiful winter scenery, excited sled dogs and a thrilling ride make Yukon Dogsledding a unique and unforgettable experience.
  • Yukon is a hiker’s dream, feel free to try the Whitehorse area hikes with hundreds of miles of beautiful trails
  • Ice fishing: The serenity of the wintery wilderness, combined with the excitement of catching a fish, makes ice fishing a must-see activity in the North.