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Vancouver: The bustling coastal city

Located in British Columbia, it is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada. Surrounded by artistic, musical and theatrical scenes, Vancouver is considered as a popular film location. It many attractions and points of interest attract all types of travelers annually, we can illustrate this by:


  • The popular tourist destination: the picturesque mountain range.
  • Canada Place: This iconic ship-shaped building consists of a hotel, a convention center and a ferry terminal.
  • The classic Chinese garden Dr. Sun Yat-Sen: this famous space contains plants and rocks arranged according to the principles of Taoism.
  • Vancouver’s largest park: Stanley Park, you will experience the youth theme in its beaches and acres of green space and friendly adventure activities.
  • The Vancouver Aquarium that showcases Canada’s aquatic life.
  • Bike Rides in the Mountains to Stanley Park Bike Trails and Kayaking Routes
  • Queen Elizabeth Park and Van Dusen Botanical Garden .
  • The list of popular attractions is endless, make sure you reserve enough time to enjoy the atmosphere of Vancouver’s natural charms.