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Château Frontenac is a very famous hotel in Quebec City located in the historic Old Quebec City district. The building overlooks the St. Lawrence River from Dufferin Terrace, was opened in 1893 and was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1981.

Château Frontenac is located at 1 rue des Carrières, at the eastern end of the Upper Town of Old Quebec, on the promontory of Quebec City, a high ground that extends into the St. Lawrence River. The hotel’s property is bounded to the north by rue Saint Louis and to the south by rue Mont Carmel. Two public roads cross the hotel, rue du Trésor and rue des Carrières.

Château Frontenac is one of Canada’s major railway hotels built by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The châtelain architectural style used throughout the hotel would later serve as a model for other major Canadian railway hotels built between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The design of the tower in the shape of a central fortress is inspired by the medieval castles of the French Loire Valley. The castle elements include the asymmetrical profile of the hotel, the steeply sloping roofs, the huge round towers and towers, the ornate gables and turrets, and the large chimneys. The hotel’s exterior base is made of grey ashlar, with a steel frame and Glenboig brick cladding. The materials that make up the interior of the building include mahogany panelling, marble stairs, carved stone, wrought iron and glass washers. However, unlike the other châtelain-style buildings found in France, Château Frontenac did not use elements of Italian architecture, preferring Gothic elements. The hotel also draws some elements from the Victorian style, with rich polychromatic surfaces throughout its exterior.

The Frontenac Hotel has 611 rooms, it is the most photographed hotel in the world, it is one of the most important monuments in Quebec City. According to the Michelin guide, the best viewpoints to observe the castle are the terrace of Lévis, the citadel of Quebec City or the Observatoire de la Capitale located on the 31st floor of the Marie Guyart building.