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Canada’s Wonderland: the biggest Canadian theme park

Canada’s Wonderland is the biggest, most popular theme park in Canada and most attended in North America. The boats are the main theme of the park, it includes almost all types: flying, magnetic launched, suspended …

The park also offers many shows, including spectacular waterfalls and musicals.

The water park offers a wave pool, an interactive water play station, and a flowing river.

Here it is the latest news from this famous park:

2016 Flying Eagles and Skyhawk: It’s a flying-type scooter ride that passengers can fly. On Skyhawk, players will rise to 135 feet in the air and drive their own vehicles.

The 2015 Water Park: It contains a water slide with some mini-funnels, as well as a series of interactive water games

The 2014 Wonder Mountain Keeper: The Ambitious Attraction sends passengers inside the iconic Wonder Mountain Park for an interactive battle with the dragons. Armed with laser guns and 3D / 4D glasses, riders accumulate points in creatures projected onto larger screens.

Leviathan 2012: One of the world’s tallest games (306 feet!) And the fastest (92mph!).