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Apply an eTA for a friend

To help your friend or a family member complete the eTA application form, you must first mention that you are applying for another person not for yourself. So, just answer ‘YES‘ to the question: « Are you applying for another person?  » . Then you will have to answer directly to the question « Do you apply on behalf of a minor child?  » .

If the person you know is a minor, you will have a designated window at the personal contact information of the parent or guardian of the child. After entering some information about yourself, you will fill in the form that asks for the information of your child or your friend or family member if the person concerned is over 18 years old, however you must take into account:

  • Verification of information related to your child’s passport.
  • The registration of your child’s name in the Signature field of the Consent section.
  • In order to maintain contact with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), it is essential to provide a valid email address.